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showing... 28 January 2013

i did a strange thing last week, bit of a first for me. i took part in a trade showcase. the only time i had ever even been to such a thing was while i was at college and my parents would come to the Motor Show in Dublin and i’d hook up with them. then, there were leggy lovelies on all the stands and draped across the bonnets of cars. the event last week was less so…probably for the best, as i was showing my tea cosies, the Go Ons, to the trade and the sight of me or anyone draped akimbo across them might have been inappropriate.
i quickly discovered that i could never choose the option of working in retail on a daily basis as it is v tiring being nice to everyone all day long, lovely as everyone who went by or stopped to chat or buy was/is. i made it home a twitching heap each night, ready to go straight to bed and blubbering from lack of further words/conversation to share with the world.
also, on a technical level, clothage had to be clean and ready to go for v early starts and though i covered any howlers on the visage, i still looked like a HEAP in any pictures i have seen from That Time. i need someone to help make me look plausible as a human being of a day, especially under melting lights…this happens on my other job in the acting world where we get lots of slap to aid and abet us (and even sometimes slaps to help us too, if necessary and ‘for the art’) but left to my own devices i err on the side of too little disguise and that is a mistake. my mum also helpfully tells me i featured in a ‘sack the stylist’ moment in a sunday paper last week and that i did indeed look wretched, notwithstanding the odd angle the photo was taken from (the mind boggles)…
anyhooooo, it was all v exciting and new and bewildering and i am still wondering WTF just happened there?….
the GO ONs will be ‘going in’ to shops from the end of february, by the way, so i am in business, dahleens.
oh and as for the one-offs that i sell on-line, i posted a new, fab lot on saturday (they are B numbers and at the end of the list on comedyshop.ie) and for some narky, technical reason that we cannot figure out yet the pics have appeared sideways…it is my new favorite word, though, as when i am there or thereabouts on a thing now i tell Himself i am sideways to it. i also refer to myself as the Sideways Wife. i like how it’s a bit wonky but NEARLY okay!