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all grown up 11 April 2013

sometimes being a grown up is thrust upon us – witness my own self yesterday when i attended a business breakfast – er, YES! it was one of the better and gentler ones, i suspect, as it was to meet philanthropists who are good enough to help the Dublin Theatre Festival with their generosity. it is always wonderful to spend time with people who truly want to aid some delight ‘getting out there’ and into our lives, and the scrambled egg in the Westbury Hotel in Dublin is excellent, i can report. i may have caused a slight panic amongst the more staid and mannerly members of my contingent when i opined, in a few public words to the assembled company, that being a patron of the arts was of a long and noble tradition as witnessed by the actions of, say, the Borgias. now it seems i have to try to supply some raciness later in the year to the philanthropists involved to go along with their satisfaction of having made theatre possible during the festival…