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niff 10 January 2013

so, was sitting upstairs on a double decker bus recently with Himself and there was a strong niff of something old and damp in the air, and what does he do? he only goes and sniffs ME first to check if i am the culprit! it was the very odor of a wet brolly that had been left to dry while all closed up, NOT the smell of your nearest and dearest, no matter how hard a day they’ve been having! he’ll not do it again, i’ll venture, after my robust explanation of events…
upstairs is a MUST on double deckers, in case you were wondering – i need a panoramic view of all that is available.
knives are dangerous, that much we know. yesterday, however, careful as i was, i managed to skin my knuckles with a serrated steak knife and it was akin to grating off part of your fingers = not nice, and never to be repeated. being domestic has its dangers, so i may have to give it up.