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welcome to the official website of Pauline McLynn

The Go Ons

I love knitting and that’s one of the reasons that the GO ONs exist at all. I was taught to knit by my Mum when I was a child and she is a great knitter, as was my Gran, who could knock out an Aran style bobble hat in a few hours working from a ‘pattern’ in her head. Amazing! So, it’s in the genes…

I find knitting a very calming experience but the planning and buying of the yarn is entirely exciting to me – I haunt wool shops and the internet now, choosing whatever tickles my fancy. And that’s before we even get into the bead buying (a whole new world for me and a delight).

Each GO ON is unique – some may look similar but you’ll find they’re different sizes and, sometimes, if a yarn is repeated the finish will be totally different to another GO ON using the same basic yarn.

I intend them to look pretty as well as just making someone smile simply to see their GO ON – I know they make me happy! And of course, they’ll keep your tea warmer for longer.

Each GO ON is numbered and archived and comes with a little story as to why I made it as I did, as well as care instructions.

I’m working on the Autumn/Winter collection now and there’ll be ‘sparklies’ especially for the December Festive Season.

In the meantime, make a lovely pot of tea, pop on a GO ON and ENJOY!

A note on size and fit

All GO ONs are made for round-bellied tea pots. Small is a two-cup pot, medium is a 4 – 6 cup pot and large is a 6 cup + pot.

If there are beads, let them face you and put the GO ON on with the spout to the left and handle to the right and vice versa for removing.

The labels go to the ‘back’ and with the non labelled side facing you, the GO ON goes over the spout on the left, with the handle on the right, and vice versa for removal.