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beer 29 January 2009

I hate waste. It happens, I know, and I am responsible for quite a bit more than I’d like and I cannot justify that fully but I TRY, I try. I was leaving rehearsals today and some more props had just arrived, including bottles of beer for the party that is thrown in the course of the action. Before I could yell ‘WTF?!’ our Stage Manager had emptied 6 bottles of Bud into a basin of slops!!! It was the end of a long and complicated day and, if asked, the cast would have been delighted to drink ‘em! It cut me, I can tell you, shattered me. I was in time to save the six-pack of Tiger and shell make short work of those, with help from my comrades tomorrow. Now to see if Stage Management would like me to swap some empty wine bottles (Christmas is still hanging around our building site, I mean house, like a bad fart) for full and real ones…all for Art, you understand…