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slops 30 January 2009

For those of you, and there were many, who were horrified by the waste of beer I must reiterate that I would have dipped a glass into the basin with the 6 bottles of castaway Bud in it BUT there were slops from tea and coffee making in there too – I know that my tum takes all of that on board in the course of a day but it’s tough to tuck in when you see the actual mess you are mushing up in there before it gets mushed up…in there…
I am in the final (fantastic) episode of DEMONS on ITV tomorrow night for them of you wot’s been tuned in. Great stuff, I’ve thought, and hopefully there’ll be another series ordered toot sweet.
We did a run of the play today and it was…instructive. I have ceremoniously chewed 3 fingernails as a result. I am now going to ground to learn my lines in a definitive way rather than the Vaguely There And VERY CERTAIN Way I have been employing thus far, which should be, ehm, interesting…
Firstly, though, I shall sleep till tis unfashoinable.