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wrecked 28 January 2009

I am too old to parday now, as we know, but also too old not to have close to me 8 hours sleep. So, 4.30am (yes, the WORNG 4.30) came EARLY this morning and I was barely human by the time the car came to get me to bring me to Heathrow – many thanks to Jo Males of Goose who took me BY THE HAND and led me to a cab at midnight away from the great doo that was the Costa Book Awards (and fair play to COSTA for honouring bukes in this way) – I owe her, Jo, BIG and wonder if she might like to be my wife – we all need one of those! Anyhow, I was pledged to buying a laptop for Colm our Stage Director on OCTOBER from Dixons in Terminal 1 and found myself creating chaos at 5.50am (yup, again the WRONG 5.50) in that branch by asking for a computer that was on display but copies of which were in the storeroom to which no one seemed to know the password and were unsure about the whereabouts of the keys also – I held firm and dare I say ICY while all was sorted and the look on Colm’s face when I came into work with the prize was certainly worth it – I now know how Santa feels and why he does what he does every Christmas…
The tiredness led to hallucinations, practically, all day (and some very interesting journeys around the script) and I kept sneaking off for cat naps (the G has taught me much but surely that is her greatest contribution to my wisdom?). I am now about to get in to bed freakishly early and make no apology for how excited I am about that and SMUG, too, that I can do it. Sometimes it’s good to be SELFISH – this is one such time…
‘nite now!