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spree 12 April 2013

i am trying to introduce a policy of No Live Imports in the house in order to stem the flow of critters being delivered. brendacat is the main culprit. alice is always very interested in whatever is presented by her sister but, as she is considerably gummier, she doesn’t go forth to attack and collect this booty herself (small mercies and, yes, i am grateful for the same). several small squeaking rodents have been brought home lately and then they disappear under fridges and behind kitchen machines sometimes never to be seen again – are they alive or dead? who knows? both, if mr schrodinger were to comment. i did intervene and capture one small thing and then i tried to throw it over the back wall only to misjudge the height and end up stunning the poor little animal…it staggered off and a few minutes later brenda fetched up with a dead version of the living thing i had stunned against the wall – i may have been the killer, not her, and i am not proud of that. mind you, is suspect it was a young wild rat and i am not partial to having them around no matter how cute they look (and they do! their little hands are adorable). this morning, a dead worm adorned the kitchen floor. see, here’s the thing, i love the work that the worms do in the soil out the back and i wish the ladies would leave them to do just that but clearly their wriggling is provocative to the felines and capture and death are the cat answer to that. if anyone has tips on how to stem the carnage i will be very happy to try them out. the killing spree must end…