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Ted 2 January 2011

Some of you were wondering why I didn’t take part in the documentary on Father Ted last night. I am utterly proud of that show and I love it still (and Mrs Doyle). I’ll watch it any time it’s on and I laugh out loud at it – in fact I did just that last night and can I say that the Hairy Babies episode, as chosen by viewers, is probably my favourite too. Anyhow, I have spoken at length over the years about the show and really didn’t think I had anything more to add to that – there’s piles of archive footage out there of me telling stories about it and the behind the scenes laughs and so on. On top of which I have such happy memories of Ted that to have gone down the West without Dermot (Morgan) and Geoffrey (Perkins) would have been too sad. And I didn’t think any documentary could be ‘definitive’ without them anyhow. So, all of the above (and the small matter of me filming another Channel 4 series in Manchester anyhow) led to me not taking part.