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alcohol 3 January 2011

The festive season has decided to rest on my thighs and muffin top. And today was to be the start of the New Year’s Revolution and was to include the resuming of exercise, reducing the size and fatty (yum) content of meals and the cutting out of alcohol. I’m actually quite pleased to announce that the booze got the chop (if only ‘cos there’s none left in the house) and I’m hoping to get to the other matters on the morrow. Hey, it’s a start, folks…and on a bank holiday…
Still feeling mighty chunky though…
I wonder does anyone ever lose weight over the festives, even if they hate that time of year and don’t celebrate it much? I was very quiet this year after a challenging 2010 but I still managed to pile on a few pounds if the tight jeans are anything to go by.

A call is out to adopt two cats with an animal aid agency – hope we pass muster on the home visit test and that the mogs like the look of us. Watch this space.

In other news, the small paperback size of THE TIME IS NOW is available this week – enjoy!