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Spidey 16 July 2012

In the brief few moments of sun over the last few days I have been inclined to leave the door to the back garden open. Flies seem to love to visit then and some have to stay on a little holiday when the doors are shut again. Yesterday a particularly noisy one would not stop buzzing the closed door and Brenda went to give it what for. She managed to pat it to the ground but when I went to check that it wasn’t a stinging critter I saw a (much smaller) spider pop out from a crevice in the wainscotting, attack the fly and try to drag it back to its lair. I had never witnessed such a thing as a spider attack. I’m not madly fond of them – their random scuttling runs unnerve me – but neither would I kill one. The same cannot be said of Brenda. On this occasion though she swooped, got the fly, killed and tried to eat it, but didn’t much care for the taste. And spidey lost out on a delicious meal. Red in tooth and claw, the old nature, eh?