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slugs 4 September 2012

those of you who have followed my musings over the years know that there was a bleak (and FARR TOO lengthy) time when it seemed like a good idea to add a bit of an extension onto, and revamp, other areas of the house – i.e. BUILDING work (were we mad = YES). it passed, more than A YEAR after it should have, and i am still…a LONG time down the line…finding little reminders of it. ennyhoo, one of the casualties was my garden and only this summer did it get the fluff up it needed. at first i was smug and plucky because the clearing out meant i had no particular resident critters like slugs, weevils, beasties…everyone else was bemoaning the damage the wet weather had brought to their garden cos their resident colony of EATERS were in their element. well, cut to the smile wiped off my face. i have had SOME strawberries, and grateful for every single one i have to say. BUT clearly the sluggies have found me again and they HAVE A SWEET TOOTH?! i say this because, every time i pluck a ripe strawberry from my few plants i’ll find it half eaten, in a very circular way on the eaten side…i suspected it was the sluggeenies and i was right because yesterday there was a lil fellow still in the berry, drunk with his efforts and sated and resting -no, i did NOT kill him (couldn’t) so i threw him over the wall, so he’ll be back. am i the only one with this horticultural problem?
oh, and i refuse to use chemicals so if i have to share the strawberry with a slug i will…just would love it to myself is all (the strawberry)