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elderly 11 July 2010

Another anniversary of my 21st birthday occurred today – in fact an anniversary of my 30th (and, if I’m honest, my 40th and 45th) also occurred so it was busy in that way. I spent most of my time sleeping or lying across the bed pulling at split ends while my brain flatlined. All in all, it wasn’t a bad day, therefore. I eventually emerged from the cocoon, showered and got into a birthday frock purchased as a gift for me yesterday, was cooked a chicken dinner by Himself and nearly fell asleep (again) during the World Cup Final.
Oh, hang on, Spain have scored in extra time THANK THE GODS! I thought I might have to poke my eyes out with a pointy stick if the match didn’t improve…and yes, they have now won. It is done. For this relief, much thanks.
Paul the Octopus was correct, yet again. It was his tournament, really…