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dreams 16 December 2012

all of my dreams are craft-based at the moment. which means i spend the day doing craft-based things – knitting, finishing tea cozies etc (and now all manner of lavender sachet using the lavender grown in the garden this year – oops, have spoiled the ‘i wonder what she’s giving me for christmas’ speculation right there) then i dream all night about much the same – i am WRECKED with the exhaustion of the 24 hour sessions i am putting in and need to get back to simple 12 hour filming days…or simple 12-16 hour writing days…?
i did take time out to wander a department store a few days ago and passed the counter selling the molecule perfume that matches and compliments your own pheromones or whatever. i have admired the ‘smell’ of some types recently and they told me this is the stuff they are using and, i will admit, they all had different nice whiffs – my problem? well, what if it mixed and matched with your bodily essence and you turned out to smell AWFUL??? i daren’t try it as a result, particularly now: see, i hate this time of the year, things waning and ending, and if i had to face such a shattering event i would have to retire from polite society altogether! only to continue in solitude the haunting by crafts that is my present lot, both awake and asleep…