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back for good! 29 November 2012

well, i’m back anyhow – whether that is for good on any level remains open as i cannot guarantee twill be for the good of humankind or for as long as forever or even that i will be ‘good’ (whatever that is when it’s at home).
i do return somewhat ‘upholstered’ – both in the extra pounds around those pesky body bits you wish were less well covered and also under a mountain of knitting, specifically the Festive Go On teacosies many of which are up on the site now (comedyshop.ie for anyone who can’t get there via here). there’ll be more to come, in larger sizes, in the next few days too. tiny word of advice to all who live in the Americas and what we seem to then call ‘the Rest of the World’ – posting dates for guaranteed delivery re the Seasonals are fast approaching (those closer to Ireland have a bit of breathing space) and if you want, nay need, a GO ON it’s best get your order/purchase in now.
since last we collided i did move flat in London and, as predicted, being that it was just down the street i spent the day walking my gear up and down stairs and said street…rather than hire a van…at the time it seemed to make a whole bunch of sense to do it that way (!)…only trouble was that after a good 6 hours of me moving in this fashion Himself arrived to help and was cheerily doing the ‘let’s get this done as quickly as possible’ routine and by then i had slowed to a crawl, and a bit of a scowl if i’m honest. the remainder of the move happened without a killing = result. anyhow, i may never get the time to properly unpack at the rate i am going and although i do love the new place it is colder and the street noise is a lot louder at times..but there are no mice and that’s good (i know i never met any of the visiting ones at the last flat but i knew they were ‘around’ and i wasn’t mad about that as an arrangement).
finally got the rewrite of the second JENNY Q novel in and i feel i’ll be making at least another pass at it in the near future. it’s getting better all the time, though, so hooray for that.
and i am feeling up to writing another ‘adult’ book. i was a bit burned out on that front, exhausted after 8 novels in as many years, the ideas dried up a tad BUT i think i may be onto something now and it’s time to get it out of me and on paper.
Himself decided to run a subtitled film festival just now in Kilkenny…as you do in a small Irish city in cold and rainy November (!) – and it was great!!!. there was even an awards ceremony at the end of the week with lots of the toppest European filmmakers present and honored. all very bonkers and brilliant.
great news also that Jason Byrne’s sitcom FATHER FIGURE is now going to be made into a series by the BBC early next year. i play his Mum and he has lots of great things planned for all of his characters, not just me – though i am thrilled with what he’s told me i get to do.
speaking of matters television, i’ll be turning up in PRAMFACE, the opening hourlong special of the new series, and COMMON PEOPLE (new to Sky) soon so watch out for those.
Alice is much better since she had her back teeth out – though she’s still inclined to yelp and run about like she’s in a bit of pain every so often. Brenda is the rinkiest tinkiest kitten-cat still and even her yawning makes me laugh.
right, bedtime now and more announcements on the morrow when i remember what i forgot to tell you about…or maybe even a lie or two that i have just thought up…yup, i’m back…