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cuppa 24 July 2012

i played a dangerous game with a mug of tea this morning and it won. this was my second ‘fail’ in two days.
yesterday we had sunshine and i threw myself into enjoying every second of it, including a plucky amount of lying about in the nude (idiot). cut to later when i noticed just how angrily pink my skin was…the belly had a bit of a ridge from where i sat and some ‘folds’ had occurred (i am on a calorie controlled diet though it’s early days and there is still a bit of wobble going on). but the worst was the poor boobages – they are an angry pale red as they are never exposed to the elements outdoors. aloe vera is now my middle name. i am slathered in the stuff and tend to stick to whatever i stand close to as a result. so, self inflicted burns – i am a doofus (which term i take to mean a TOTAL eejit) great…
then this morning, having been gifted a lovely mug of tea in bed, i closed my eyes for the briefest of anons and when i opened them was in the process of pouring that tea all over myself and the mattress. lovely, two burns on the upper bod…and a complete waste of a classic cup of tea.
further proof that i am my own worst enemy…