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consequences 10 June 2013

It’s interesting to ponder how our lives can create chaos elsewhere from what seems the most innocuous of acts. For instance, I am currently filming FATHER FIGURE (the new Jason Byrne sit-com for BBC1) and I certainly hope that will impact on other lives by making people laugh out loud and feel happier = a very positive action/reaction scenario. At one point I get dragged through a garden and in order to be able to show my costume before and after the event, a number of pairs of trousers and several identical cardigans had to be bought. As a result I imagine that stock control has been totally skewed in the local Marks and Spencer in North London where we’re recording. The buyer will probably think they have a real winner in the size 12 oatmeal viscose cardi and the oatmeal polyester, easi-wash trouser, not realizing they were for a fictional character. The shop has probably re-stocked those items, ordering plenty of them too. The local economy has been warped. (Oh, and I may have been kind calling it oatmeal, it’s more a textured beige…)