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bad 12 February 2010

This lack of internet in the UK has been getting to me. It’s especially difficult to deal with on a travel day, such as today. I let the morning get away from me though I regard my activities then as quite grown-up (no less) as I paid some bills that have been following me around like a bad smell for months now. But suddenly it was time for the airport dash and by the time I realised I’d have to buy access (thought I’d get free stuff in Pret…sadly no) I also realised I’d get very little value out of it and the recessionista in me rebelled and refused to let me go there…which is why it has taken till now to get in touch. I’m also having to acknowledge that my whole email system is a wreck and will have to be overhauled along with figuring out exactly why the dongle is on strike. Technology – well. ye all know me on this…
Oh and I have just over a fortnight to finish the novel – ARGH! I am putting a VERY brave face on this latter problem and refuse to give in to any notion of defeat. In this manner I am a veritable Plucky Little Belgium of a writer. Or perhaps the ostrich with its head in the sand…by the way, do ostriches actually do that or is it a cartoon myth?