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survival! 12 July 2012

oh yes, i MADE IT, in spite of the fact that statistics and (maybe) my own recklessness suggested i might not BUT i ‘celebrated’ A milestone birthday and once again, as predicted, i am 38 so phew and RELAX all.
in the meantime the tea cozies are OUT THERE, and selling (THANK YOU all) and i feel great about that. it means i launched a lil personal and heartfelt business on the day i thought i would spend whimpering in a corner with disbelief that time had ‘caught up’ with me* – as it happens, i had prepared for months, while knitting those tea cozies.
so there i was NOT feeling sorry for myself = hurrah!
i so love them, those Go Ons – yeah, yeah, i know i made them too but that doesn’t mean i don’t adore em! they’re pretty and useful and SO lush – check them out!

SO how did the day itself come to pass gently? well, i was spoiled rotten and brought away to a TOP place called Kilgraney House in Bagnelstown, Co Carlow, where Bryan and Martin run a fabulous small hotel and spa (that’s just saturdays, unless you give prior warning) and THE BEST FOOD i have had in a LONG long time. amazing and wonderful and highly recommended. can’t wait to return.
no, you are not wrong, i have eschewed capitals this evening – just the way it was going and how i roll right now – rebel yell, anyone?

*it didn’t though cos it only does if you let it, i think?