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queasy 9 April 2012

So, theres a chance i’m getting squeamish in my old age. I’ve been struck by how yuck some of the ads on tv are – e.g. there’s a recent one for a men’s hair product that shows the ‘before’ man diving into the sea and emerging with a lot of fish spiked on his hair, all flapping and (I’m guessing) DYING but then he changes his hair gel and gets the girl. Now, I eat fish so I’m not pointing the finger and saying it’s wrong to kill them for said purpose, though I’d hope it happened somehow humanely and sustainably, BUT I just cannot fathom how that advert is meant to be ‘entertaining’ or even attractive enough to sell the product? Who passed it as a good idea?
The second one that makes me squirm is for a microwaveable burger and involves a rather lazy youngster sat in front of the tv unscrewing his finger, which then wiggles along to the kitchen and cooks him a burger and when he’s eating it later the same finger is screwed on backwards and it’s waggling about = URGH, it just makes me want to hurl and certainly doesn’t give me an appetite for what it advertises.
That is all…