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polar 11 July 2011

Marvellous to hear that polar bears are half Irish on their brown bear Mammies side from aeons ago – I know we have colonised the world with humans but bears too? way to go…

Had a great day out in Berkshire on Saturday to celebrate the life and work of a marvellous film producer Eliott Kastner, who left us last year. We heard great stories about his life and work as we stood in a sunny English garden and laughed and sighed and raised many good glasses in his honour and were glad to have known him. Look him up, you’ll be amazed how many of his films you’ve seen. He had the true Art of the Possibility spirit and was interested in his work and the world till the day he left – unique and irreplaceable.

I am now ‘celebrating’ a birthday though I must admit that I look every day of my 38 years today…ah well…ahem….