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MY V V BAD 14 March 2012

we’ll have to leave it at that title, cos i am MORTO i haven’t been in touch for so long. I am aware of what a wretched critter I am, fear not.
potted history of what’s been occurin’ –

I wrote my first stage play, and it had it’s casting process, read through, rehearsals, opening night and entire run all in 24 hours. It was part of an event to raise funds for Dublin Youth Theatre which has shepherded many into the Arts in Ireland and also just helped MANY teens get through teenagerdom. Mine was a complicated little number where 4 actors/actresses played a man called Brian, his Mammy and his dog Trixie in turn throughout. I must say I don’t have that bug of ‘i’d love to write a stage play (thank goodness, as I am put to the pin of my collar keeping up with all the rest) but I really enjoyed the experience.
It took some days to recover from the event and excitement, etc!

Since we last spoke there’s been International Polar Bear Day and International Women’s Day (no direct link between those 2, far as I know) and it got me to wondering what’s the difference between and International day and a World day?

I treated myself to a v expensive eye and lip cream (you all know I have the driest lips in the universe, probably, and am always on the hunt for THE lip balm) and though it has made little enough difference to me gob it did manage to sort of ‘burn’ the skin around my eyes! EEK. And this from a botanically excellent unction, if all blurb and awards are to be believed. v v disappointing, as i LOVES me a product. AND I don’t want to waste it by not using it, not at the price I paid (hid it on my credit card, that’s how guilty I felt)

My regular laptop is threatening to divide itself in 2 as the hinge is banjaxed, so I now have a new smaller, more gorgeous one while the oldie is still not fixed…there’ll be tears about that soon as not everything is backed up from the (previously) Old Reliable…again proof that i am a FULE

Miss Alice had to go back with her fangs and is feeling better and more attitude since a lot of money was spent (yet again) on the vet and meds…and, no, she ain’t insured…

The proofs of the teen novel are so totally beautiful that I find it hard to breather thinking about them. I’ll post up the cover and blurb here as soon as I figure out how (well, let’s be honest, I’ll get someone else to do it). I’m wading into number 2 bike right now and need to get a number of skates beneath me to speed the process along.

The knitting continues apace and i’ll show you all the fruits of same in a few months time, at which time i’ll be revamping this website too and forging on (bravely!) into The Future (plucky little P…ooh, pride/a fall anyone?)

In the meantime there’s the not inconsiderable issue of rehearsing and performing Miss Fiona Looney’s latest play GREENER at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, from 26 April. I think this one will be splendidly controversial – so much so that she and me are meeting today to figure out how to avoid being lynched for doing a measure socially taboo stuff within said play – watch this space and then come see the play and decide for yourself! I’ll pop up a poster with details here also v sune.

More anon, and not so long anon as last time…my v v v bad…