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moving 13 September 2012

i will soon be moving within the london area…just down the street, in fact, which i have a dire feeling will be more hassle than uprooting and going across town. i am gazing at 5 years worth of accumulated nonsense and trying to be strong and throw things away/donate them to charity. worst of all are those handy little plastic bottles that i convince myself are so totally necessary for travel that i cannot move without them and i just KNOW that if i chuck them out i’ll be in Boots or Muji within days paying for similar things. at this rate i will have more rubbish to bring with me, not less, when the shift comes in a week’s time. a first world and modern problem, i know, but one which is uppermost for me right now! (it’s quite an impressive collection of plastic bottles…some of which contain unidentifiable unctions)

in better and happier news i got some fabulous sequined yarn in the post today and cannot wait to thread it into the sparkling GO ONs for the end of year festive season. all i have to do is look at it and it makes me smile.